Booking private functions

The Maison des Océans invites you to organize your corporate events in its large 500-seat amphitheatre and its exceptional lounges and library with their unique character. Cocktail parties and receptions can be organised for up to 400 people. Henri-Paul Nénot, architect of the new Sorbonne and the Hôtel Meurice on rue de Rivoli, designed this monument, comparable to a Renaissance palace that “has been subjected to the distant charm of the Mediterranean shore and seeks its inspiration in the architecture that was once born under the skies of Tuscany”; “it’s a little Genoese, a little Monegasque, and it’s something else again”, as journalists reported during the construction of the building.

Entrance Hall

The Entrance Hall can accommodate up to 200 people in a cocktail arrangement


The Library can host up to 15 people.

Main Lounge

The Main Lounge can accommodate up to 20 people

Minister’s Office

The Minister’s Office can host up to 10 people.

Small amphitheatre

The Small Amphitheatre has a capacity of 50-60 people.

Exhibition Hall

The Exhibition Hall Lounge can host up to 100 people.

Léon Laugier Lounge

The Laugier Lounge can accommodate up to 20 people

Great amphitheatre

The Great Amphitheatre has a capacity of 450-500 people.

The Boardroom

The Boardroom can accommodate upo to 20-25 people