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The Maison de l’Océan hosts the 2024 Common Good Summit

The Common Good Summit 2024 (or Summit of the Common Good) was held on June 13 at the Maison de l’Océan in Paris. This flagship event brought together experts, financiers and activists to discuss finance and its capacity to respond to the urgency of the climate transition.

The summit featured renowned speakers such as Ulrich Hege (Toulouse School of Economics), Rémi Roux (Ethiquable), Gianmarco Monsellato (Deloitte France and Francophone Africa), Nathalie Tubiana (Caisse des Dépôts) and Lucie Pinson (Reclaim Finance). These experts shared their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of financing the ecological transition.

Common Good Summit 2024 (Sommet Bien Commun) à Paris à la Maison de l'Océan

Crucial discussions on climate transition and sustainable finance

The discussions highlighted the many obstacles that finance must overcome to effectively support the ecological transition. Technological risks and political uncertainties were identified as major obstacles. Gianmarco Monsellato also spoke of the importance of European regulations, in particular the CSRD, in creating a common, transparent framework for financial players. These regulations aim to combat greenwashing and promote sustainable practices.

While all participants stressed the need for a long-term vision for sustainable finance, the commitment of Caisse des Dépôts, which has already mobilized billions of euros for the energy transition, was cited as an example to follow.

An emblematic venue for a major summit

The Common Good Summit 2024 at the Maison de l’Océan was a key moment for assessing the state of finance in the face of climate change.. Discussions highlighted both the challenges and the opportunities for building a more sustainable and responsible financial sector. For a better future, it is essential that financial players adopt an approach that prioritizes sustainability over immediate profitability.

A view supported by Robert Calcagno, General Manager of theMonaco Oceanographic Institute, who, in the run-up to the summit an interview given to that our approach to the ocean remains archaic, similar to that of the Neolithic period; In particular, it calls for a transformation towards a more sustainable “culture of the sea”, and also highlights the need to include economic and financial players in ocean protection efforts to maximize the positive impact.